Skeena Watershed Initiative

Our Projects

Between 2008 and 2011, the Skeena Watershed Initiative directed a suite of scientific investigations to support improved management and conservation of Skeena salmon, steelhead, and their habitat.

Projects were sponsored by the Pacific Salmon Foundation with funding support from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Living Rivers Trust Fund. Browse or search the project list below to find out more about these projects and to access project reports and results.

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year project title related species
2011–2012Kitwanga River Salmon Enumeration Facility, 2011(multiple species)
2010–2011Chinook DNA Analysis from 2010 Terrace Area Creel Surveychinook
2010–2011Benchmarks for Skeena Conservation Units(multiple species)
2010Tyee Test Fishery Extension, 2010steelhead
2010–2011Molecular Genetics and Stock Identification of Skeena River Summer Steelhead, 2010steelhead
2010–2011Angling Guide Data Entry and Summary for the 2002/03 and 2003/04 license years(multiple species)
2010–2011Steelhead Enumeration at Moricetown Canyon using Mark-Recapture, 2010steelhead
2010–2011Small Lake Sockeye Hydroacoustic Surveys, 2010sockeye
2010–2011Kitwanga River Salmon Enumeration Facility, 2010(multiple species)
2010–2011Slamgeesh Sockeye & Kokanee Interactionkokanee, sockeye
2010–2011Skeena Chinook DNA Baseline Completionchinook
2010–2011Radio-Tagging of Skeena Chinookchinook
2010–2011Conservation Units for Steelhead in the Skeena Watershedsteelhead
2010–2011Atlas of High-Value Sockeye Habitat in the Skeena Watershedsockeye
2010–2011High-Value Sockeye Habitat in the Skeena Watershed: data compilation and mappingsockeye
2009Tyee Test Fishery Extension, 2009steelhead
2009–2010Area 4 Chum Enumeration Plan Evaluationchum
2009–2010Steelhead Bycatch and Mortalities in the Commercial Skeena Net Fisheries of British Columbia from Observer Data: 1989 to 2009pink, sockeye, steelhead
2009–2010Steelhead Enumeration at Moricetown Canyon using Mark-Recapture, 2009steelhead
2009–2010Angling Guide Data Entry and Summary for the 2004-2005 to 2006-2007 licence years(multiple species)